“Eco Friendly” means being friendly to environment, that is what most people heard but what is the real meaning of “Eco Friendly”. Actually for a little bit more understandable explanation, the meaning of “eco friendly” is to agree NOT to use any toxic material that may harm nature or environment and causes less natural harm in the overall production process.

For the fashion industry, however, materials are the heart of the production and its main material is the fabric in the process we consider fashion production processes as much as design and cutting go. It is widely known that the textile manufacturers almost always use several kinds of dangerous chemicals, especially in the bleach and dyeing process. In the final process, huge amounts of waste water including lots and lots chemical is being drained to the normal waste pipes or worse, directly into the natural water as we witnessed regularly. All this chemical waste causes water and air pollution and effects humans, animals and nature herself.

Did you know how much water is spend to produce ONE single shirt with a weight of about 125 grams? Normally for one shirt like this, approximately 2,720 litres of water is used, yes you read it right, almost 3000 liters of water ! (Calculated from growing the cotton to processing it into the final shirt.)

For these, and other reasons, eco-friendly producers have to select their fabrics use for their design really carefully. But then, of course, commerce slips in, inevitably! How far can you go as a producer, or more how far should you go to be eco friendly and still have a decent and customer friendly and acceptable price ?

The eco friendly process of fashion manufacturing can start off right from using only real organic fabrics and/ or everything natural color dyed to just using safe chemicals. We have to consider many things in our production processes; from weaving to bleaching , dyeing or printing, not only how much energy or resources it consumes per unit, and also to avoid the usage of dangerous chemicals.

Next to this we always have to keep in mind to avoid any damage to nature and be concerned about and try to reduce energy as well as to reduce and minimize the amount of processes to decrease waste, doing this by recycling or reusing. The more of all these factors make your clothing more or less eco friendly. It is up to the producers how much they can, but more how much they are willing to on their side.

For our brands, “Chiangmai Cotton” and “Peace of Mind”, at least 80% of all our products are produced of pure natural tissues, and fabrics and moreover, we selected “Green Technology” as our dyeing process factory who use only environment safe colors, and avoid of using any organic compound chemicals that can cause cancer.

They also avoid to use compounds containing any heavy metals colors, and are continuously developing the process to reduce the consuming of energy, and treat the waste water until it’s able to be used again and next to that the waste water also is utilized in other ways. Yes, we are really concerned about the wearer’s feeling of security and care for environment, and still quality is our priority.

Quality is not just about sewing or a beautiful design but also designed with the thought and care to save nature and all the resources we spend in any of our products to be last for using. Not to be outdated easily, no need to change very often so more waste is created and we try to use one basic design in a few different styles. Then our clothes will last a long time, being classical and don’t have to be changed frequently to follow fashion trends, but have a classical beauty, comfort and is created with love and lasts, being safe for our nature and environment. All this can be indicate of non-allergenic and sustainable fashion for you and your love one, so eco friendly is not only good for our environment but also is better for your health !

Beautiful, safe, eco friendly and harmless, the choice is up to YOU !

We love you as much as we love our earth!






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