There is a perfect top for everyone, one that fits their figure and makes them feel great. The best type of top to show off natural beauty is one that is simple and elegant. Are you in need for a new favorite blouse? Maybe you could use a piece for your closet that can be worn for any occasion.


Whatever you’re need the Hazel Crop Top will make a great addition to any wardrobe. Only Breeze of Nature can bring you a crop top like this. The simple cut allows provides a natural feel and all body types can feel comfortable and beautiful. The neutral grey mixed with deep blue stripes is a perfect tone for any skin color. The cropped top is crafted with one hundred percent cotton for a light and comfortable shirt. The simple round neck in the front is simple yet elegant. A neutral top begs to be combined with something fun and colorful.

The Hazel Crop Top is one of those neutral blouses. Nothing says sophisticated and fun more than mixing neutrals and colors. Putting together appropriate work outfits can be tough but doable even with a cropped top like the Hazel. Pair with other neutrals and basics like high-waisted black slacks and a blazer for a classic office look. For a chic pop of color tuck it into the Blue Ploy Cotton Full Skirt and a sweet cardigan. To step out of your style comfort zone a gorgeous kimono blazer like the Angie Cotton Linen Kimono Blazer is a fun and unique touch only a Breeze of Nature women can pull off. We can’t forget the Hazel Crop Top is great for casual wear too!

For a day full of play mix it with jeans or shorts. For an all-day easy transition outfit, combine the Hazel with a maxi skirt and grab a cardigan for an extra layer if needed.

The possibilities are endless with the Hazel Crop Top. A blouse like this is a necessity for any wardrobe because it’s versatile and classic. Wearable for work, play and any other outing you may have your closet is begging for a blouse like this! Treat yourself to the Hazel Crop Top now and have a piece that will last you a lifetime.


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