A small farmer group in Sanpatong district, Chiangmai, joined their farmer fellow in Maetang district build up a little dam and a canal along the mountain foot to have the mountain water find its way to their stair rice farm.

They always prevent cutting down, or damaging any trees, or any of the natural forest when they are building the dams.

The dam and canals will help them slow down the water flow from the mountains and keep the land moisture and have it contain enough water to supply the rice fields until they are ready to be harvested.

In the rice farm itself, the farmers always create a big barrier to contain the water, and grow vegetables, spices and other eatable plants.
According to all these utilities and gifts of nature it gives it is commonly known as “The Golden Barrier”.

This way the farmers will have enough rice and vegetables for their families, and earn enough to live their life together with the support and the helping hands from this strong community. This is only one of the samples how human cans live mutually in harmony with nature, without creating any damage and how we all should learn to live, with respect for nature and spend sufficiently for sustainable natural resources



Breeze of Nature