If you’re sick of winter and ready for the nice warm weather to come around, you might just be in luck. While the weather is getting warmer so should your wardrobe. Spice up your dress rack with an entirely new look. The Renie Stripe Cotton Dress is a simple yet sophisticated dress that will be unlike anything else in your closet.

The playful design features a sleeveless style with a gathered neck and drawstring waist. The cinchable waist will accentuate your curves and give dimension but can also be left loose for a more a-line style. The neckline can also be adjusted to fit you perfectly. Function is a top priority with this dress; hidden side pockets allow for subtle storage.

The hemline is long enough to be work appropriate but don’t just stop there. Work, play, weddings, family gatherings and all other occasions are the perfect settings for this dress. The neutral gray gives you room to play with color in other ways while still keeping the outfit sophisticated and chic.

Just imagine the Renie dress complete with a bright colored cardigan, leather strap sandals, and a statement necklace! Any outfit you can think of won't be complete without the Renie dress. Neutrals are the easiest pieces to work with and this dress is also easy to wear!




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